Dealing With A Knee Replacement

The knees are very important to our overall mobility and quality of life.  If we are unable to move our knees or if we have extreme pain in our legs, then it will be very difficult to function normally.  Several years ago, my wife was in a car accident and she had to have major surgeries on her body.  Several weeks ago, she went in for a full knee replacement.  She was not a candidate for partial knee replacement in Mount Pleasant because there was nothing left of her knee to grasp onto.

Level of destruction

Before dealing with a knee replacement of any kind, it is important that we learn the level of destruction to the knee.  If the knee is in good shape, then a partial replacement may be possible.  If not, then it will have to be fully replaced.  The doctor will do an x-ray on your knee and do an assessment to see where you fall into the program.

partial knee replacement in Mount Pleasant


Age is going to be a major factor.  They want to operate on people who are older and give them replacements.  The reasoning behind this is that it is believed that a replacement won’t last forty years which would mean having to go through the procedure later on in life.  However, many young people are really in need of a replacement knee.  To have them suffer for forty years before getting a replacement is cruel.  This is why many people are doing partial replacements.

Physical activity

With every movement you make you are going to be using your knees.  This constant movement will start to wear out your knee over time.  What you will want to do is ensure that you maintain a good body weight.  If you get too heavy, they won’t do a replacement to begin with and if you get to heavy the replacement may fail.  So stay healthy and enjoy life.